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As the world’s largest pluggable optical module manufacturer and supplier to all large system OEMs, II-VI delivers the industry’s broadest product portfolio supported by world-class quality and reliability. II-VI’s vertically integrated business model is ideally suited for delivering very large production volumes cost-effectively, offering supply flexibility and customer service further enhanced through a team of worldwide distribution partners. II-VI is also a leader in innovation, investing heavily to internally develop the critical technologies required in the next generation of optical products. If your business is developing solutions and supporting datacom networks, the cloud space, corporate network, high frequency trading, telco, or the SMB space, OARP is the program to help you grow your business.

As the demand from end users for our optical products increases, II-VI has created the Optical Advantage Reseller Program. This program offers preferred access to our optical products and industry knowledge for Value Added Resellers and System Integration leaders.

II-VI’s Optical Advantage Reseller Program is tailored for members who exhibit technological commitment, exceptional standards, and business relationships with enterprise customers. This platform will connect you with the optical experts at II-VI, the optics industry leader.

Program Membership Benefits

Opportunity Registration Program - Margin enhancement

Allows members to enhance profit margins when identifying new II-VI business opportunities.

Evaluation Units

Access to product loaners for customer evaluation or to perform product demonstrations.

Expanded Online Material

Access to our extensive marketing material to facilitate our members’ engagement with their customers. This includes but not limited to product collateral, white papers – use cases (coming soon), market intelligence, trade show support, regular access to training and roadmap updates.

Direct support by II-VI salesforce and technical personnel

Provides the competitive advantage of having II-VI’s salesforce and technical experts support our members’ opportunities. With comprehensive and extensive industry knowledge, our team can advise on solutions and tactics throughout the sales cycle.

II-VI Logo Usage

Use of the II-VI logo on our members’ website and literature accentuates their level of optical expertise and their commitment to world-class optics technology alongside the industry leader.

Co-Marketing Funds *(with approved projects)

Investment in joint roadshows and marketing events, building a mutually beneficial ecosystem for our members to grow and expand.

Why II-VI?

  • II-VI has the broadest product portfolio in the industry
  • Optical Advantage Resellers have access to a wider range of II-VI products than is typically available
  • Unmatched industry experience: II-VI has shipped more than 160 million transceivers in the last 10 years
  • We own our manufacturing facilities, which drive very high volumes and enable supply flexibility
  • All II-VI products are made with the same level of performance, quality and reliability, and our quality and traceability systems are driven by the most stringent telecom system requirements
  • II-VI provides the largest worldwide sales and support network in the industry